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MG4 Pasquotank – 2019


Full Season
Company/Brand Variety Trait Yield (bu/A)
Progeny P4999RX Xtend 86.2
Credenz CZ 4770X Xtend 85.0
Local Seed LS4999X Xtend 84.6
UniSouth Genetics USG 7470XTS Xtend/STS 84.5
UniSouth Genetics USG 7478XTS Xtend/STS 83.1
Croplan CP4719XS Xtend/STS 82.9
Local Seed LS4798X Xtend 82.9
Progeny P4821RX Xtend 82.5
Armor ARMOR 47-D18 Xtend 81.9
UniSouth Genetics USG 7487XTS Xtend/STS 81.9
MorSoy MS 4846 Xtend 81.6
UniSouth Genetics USG 7480XT Xtend 81.5
Progeny P4670RX Xtend 81.0
Pioneer P48A60X Xtend 80.5
Armor ARMOR 48-D25 Xtend 80.0
Southern Harvest SH 4619 LLGT GTLL 79.8
Dyna-Gro S49XT39 Xtend 79.4
REV REV 4927X Xtend 79.3
Progeny P4930LL LL 78.6
DONMARIO DM Exp Xtend 78.1
Local Seed LS4407X Xtend 78.1
REV REV 4679X Xtend 77.8
Asgrow AG47X9 Xtend 77.5
Progeny P4775E3 Enlist 77.3
UniSouth Genetics USG 7499ET Enlist 76.8
Local Seed LS4795XS Xtend/STS 76.8
Southern Harvest SH 4920 Enlist E3 Enlist 76.4
Credenz CZ 4570X Xtend 76.2
Dyna-Gro S48XT56 Xtend 76.1
MorSoy MS 4616 Xtend 76.0
UniSouth Genetics USG 7479ET Enlist 75.9
Dyna-Gro S46XS60 Xtend/STS 75.8
Local Seed LS4889XS Xtend/STS 75.8
REV REV 4310X Xtend 75.8
Local Seed ZS4694E3S Enlist 75.2
Credenz CZ 4600X Xtend 75.1
Armor ARMOR 46-D09 Xtend 74.7
NK Brand S49-F5X Xtend 74.5
Local Seed LS4894X Xtend 74.4
Credenz CZ 4649LL LL 74.3
Progeny P4799RXS Xtend/STS 74.2
UniSouth Genetics USG 7480ET Enlist 73.9
Asgrow AG48X9 Xtend/SR 73.7
Southern Harvest SH 4817 LL LL 73.6
Credenz CZ 4869X Xtend 73.4
AgSouth Genetics AGS GS 49X19 Xtend 73.3
UniSouth Genetics USG 7496XTS Xtend/STS 73.2
Local Seed LS4487XS Xtend/STS 72.9
REV REV 4940X Xtend 72.6
Progeny P4816RX Xtend 72.2
Southern Harvest SH 4019 LLGT GTLL 71.8
Progeny P4444RXS Xtend/STS 70.8
Local Seed LS4299XS Xtend/STS 70.4
Virtue V 4920 S Conventional 70.3
Credenz CZ 4280X Xtend 69.6
University of Missouri S14-15138R RR/STS 69.4
AgSouth Genetics AGS GS 48X18 Xtend 69.3
Va Tech V16-2197R RR 69.0
VA Crop Improvement MO4901D GT GT 68.9
Armor ARMOR 46-D30 Xtend 68.9
Southern Harvest SH 4820 Enlist E3 Enlist 68.9
Progeny P4620RXS Xtend/STS 68.7
Credenz CZ 4979X Xtend 68.6
Va Tech V15-2287ST STS 68.2
Credenz CZ 4539GTLL GTLL 67.9
Local Seed ZS4797E3 Enlist 67.8
Southern Harvest SH 4020 Enlist E3 Enlist 67.6
DONMARIO DM 48E73 Enlist/STS 67.6
Local Seed LS4565XS Xtend/STS 67.2
Va Tech V15-2259ST STS 66.2
REV REV 49R94 RR 64.1
Progeny P4851RX Xtend 63.7
Local Seed ZS4596GLS GTLL/STS 63.5
Petrus Seed Petrus Seed 4916 GT RR 63.1
University of Missouri S14-15146R RR/STS 63.0
Local Seed LS4583X Xtend 62.7
University of Missouri S13-10592C Conventional 56.3
Mean 74.1
CV 7.6
LSD (p=0.10) 6.2
DF 195
Avg SEM 2.8
Bolded varieties are not statistically different from the highest yielding variety

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