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MG7 and 8 Pasquotank – 2019


Company/Brand Variety Trait Yield (bu/A)
NC Foundation Seed Producers N8002 Conventional 60.9
NK Brand S74-M3 RR2 60.1
Progeny P7082RX Xtend 58.9
REV REV 7100X Xtend 58.7
Asgrow AG72X7 Xtend 58.5
NC Foundation Seed Producers NC Raleigh Conventional 57.3
Armor ARMOR 75-D73 Xtend 57.1
Credenz CZ 7570LL LL 56.3
MorSoy MS 7057 Xtend 54.9
Dyna-Gro S72XT80 Xtend 53.9
AgSouth Genetics AGS 747LL LL 53.6
Pioneer P72A21X Xtend 53.3
Southern Harvest SH 7418 LL LL 52.7
AgSouth Genetics AGS 730R2X Xtend 52.1
Credenz CZ 7380X Xtend 51.7
Dyna-Gro S74XT59 Xtend 51.1
Armor ARMOR 72-D87 Xtend 49.3
NK Brand S72-G6X Xtend 48.7
SC Crop Improvement Paul RR 48.6
NK Brand S77-Y4X Xtend 47.5
NC Foundation Seed Producers NC Wilder Conventional 47.3
SC Crop Improvement Cheraw RR 46.4
Asgrow AG74X8 Xtend 44.4
Credenz CZ 7007LL LL 43.3
NC Foundation Seed Producers N7003CN Conventional 39.1
AgSouth Genetics AGS 738RR RR 36.3
SC Crop Improvement Santee Conventional 25.7
Mean 50.7
CV 15.4
LSD (p=0.10) 8.8
DF 67
Avg SEM 3.9
Bolded varieties are not statistically different from the highest yielding variety

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