NC State Extension

MG5 Late Statewide – 3 Year


Company/Brand Trait Variety Yield (bu/A) Height (in)
UniSouth Genetics RR2 USG 75B75R 56.7 32.4
UniSouth Genetics RR2 USG 75J90R 56.6 31.5
Progeny RR2  P 5752 RY 56.0 30.9
(Public) Conv UA 5612 54.7 31.1
Southern Harvest LL/STS SH 5915 LL/STS 54.0 30.4
UniSouth Genetics Conv USG 5618V 53.9 29.7
(Public) Conv UA 5814HP 52.9 30.1
Mean 55.0 30.9
LSD n/s
SEM 1.5
* Indicates the highest yielding variety
Bolded varieties are statistically similar to the highest yielding variety
2017 – Beaufort, Greene, Pasquotank, Rowan
2016 – Edgecombe, Pasquotank, Rowan, Sampson

2015 – Lenoir

Each variety name in this table and the linked PDF are hyperlinked. Clicking on the link will take you to the tech sheet or seed guide for that variety, if it exists. This is included in order to provide more characteristic information for each variety. The inclusion of these links does NOT indicate preference for or recommendation of any variety by NCSU.