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NC State Extension

2 Year Data – Early Hybrids


Company/Brand Hybrid Yield (bu/A)
Augusta Augusta 4959 168.5
Mid-Atlantic Seeds MA8092 159.6
Mid-Atlantic Seeds MA8099 158.9
Doebler’s RPM 4917 a.m. 152.5
Dyna-Gro D49VC39 148.6
Mid-Atlantic Seeds MA8086 146.6
Mean 155.8
LSD (p=0.10) 6.7
Avg SEM 4.0

Bolded varieties not significantly lower than highest yielding variety

Each hybrid name in this table and the linked PDF are hyperlinked. Clicking on the link will take you to the tech sheet or seed guide for that hybrid, if it exists. This is included in order to provide more characteristic information for each hybrid. The inclusion of these links does NOT indicate preference for or recommendation of any hybrid by NCSU.

Locations 2017 – Beaufort, Duplin, Greene, Pasquotank, Robeson, Rowan, & Union
Locations 2016 – Beaufort, Columbus, Duplin, Robeson, Rowan, Union, Washington